So You Want to Be a Wrestler – Will You Crash and Burn?

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Salary Expectations – When Lambo?

So Salary expectations differ depending on how high up the wrestling-tree you climb (obviously)…

  • Entry-Level and Independent Circuits: Wrestlers might earn as little as $0-$50 per match in the initial stages, and many often work other jobs simultaneously.
  • Mid-Level Promotions: With more experience, a wrestler may earn around $200-$500 per match.
  • Top Promotions like WWE: Superstars could earn from $100,000 to well above $1 million annually, depending on their popularity and contractual agreements.

Timescales- Will You Die Before it Actually Happens?

It largely depends on your level of commitment, but here are some ballpark predictions on time commitments at each success level.

  • Initial Training: Typically, 6-12 months of rigorous training before starting in smaller, independent circuits.
  • Experience Building: It might take several years (2-5 years on average) in smaller leagues before moving to more reputable promotions.
  • Reaching Top Promotions: Reaching top-tier promotions like WWE can take many years, and some never reach this level despite significant effort and time investment.

Cost to Train – Get Comfortable With Noodles…

  • Wrestling Schools: Wrestling schools might charge between $1,500 and $5,000 for a complete training course.
  • Ongoing Training Costs: Expect ongoing costs for advanced training, gym memberships, and other skill enhancement classes.

Need for Sponsors – You Like Money Right?

Sponsors will help to keep the wheels moving and put money in your pocket. They will also make you look popular and successful.

  • Initial Stages: Sponsorships are rare, and wrestlers often fund themselves. Or be prepared to take on some bad deals..
  • Professional Level: Wrestlers in top promotions may receive sponsorships, merchandise deals, and other opportunities.

Fitness Requirements – Fat Wrestlers Exist, But That’s Not The Norm..

  • Wrestlers must maintain peak physical condition. This involves regular workouts, strength training, and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Nutrition: Wrestlers must follow strict dietary plans to maintain weight, muscle mass, and overall health.

Likely Success Rate of Breaking into the Professional Circuit

  • Statistical Challenge: Breaking into top promotions is highly competitive. A small percentage, estimated at less than 5%, might make it to the world-renowned promotions like WWE.
  • Other Opportunities: There are also opportunities in other countries and promotions, but reaching the pinnacle like WWE or AEW is statistically challenging.

Additional Considerations

  • Health Risks: Consider the high risk of injuries, concussions, and long-term health impacts.
  • Travel: Wrestling often involves significant travel, affecting personal life and stability.
  • Longevity: A wrestling career can be shorter than many other professions due to physical demands. Howeve the latest WWE/UFC Merger could extend this.


Financial Risks

  • Initial Investment: The cost of training, gear, and health maintenance can be quite high.
  • Unstable Income: Especially in the initial stages, income can be uncertain and inconsistent.

Physical and Health Risks

  • Injuries: Wrestling is physically demanding, and the risk of injuries, both minor and severe, is high.
  • Concussions: Wrestlers are at risk of concussions, which can have long-term impacts on brain health.
  • Physical Strain: The intense physical training required can lead to various health issues like muscle strains, joint issues, and chronic pain.

Psychological Risks

  • Stress and Pressure: The pressure to perform and succeed, coupled with financial instability, can lead to significant stress.
  • Mental Health: The demanding lifestyle can affect one’s mental health, leading to issues like anxiety and depression.

Privacy and Fame

  • Loss of Privacy: Success can lead to a loss of privacy due to increased public and media attention.
  • Public Scrutiny: Wrestlers, especially those in prominent promotions, are subject to significant public scrutiny and criticism.

Career Longevity and Sustainability

  • Short Career Span: Due to the physical demands, wrestlers often have shorter career spans compared to other professions.
  • Limited Opportunities Post-Retirement: Transitioning to a different career post-retirement can be challenging, with limited options closely related to wrestling.

Legal and Ethical Risks

  • Contractual Disputes: Wrestlers may face legal challenges related to contract disputes, payments, and other professional disagreements.
  • Ethical Considerations: Questions related to match-fixing, doping, and other ethical considerations can affect a wrestler’s career.

So, Do You Still Want it?

Considering a career in wrestling involves a comprehensive evaluation of the multiple risks involved. Potential wrestlers must be prepared for physical hardships, financial instability, and the psychological challenges associated with the profession. Understanding and mitigating these risks is crucial for a sustainable and successful wrestling career.

If that hasn’t put you about wrestling training centres here, further advice here…

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