Quincy Elliott

Quincy Elliott
Quincy Elliott
United States
5 Feet 11 Inch
120 kg (265 lb)
Date of Birth
July 23, 2023



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Prepare yourselves for the arrival of the fabulous and fierce “SuperDiva” Elliott, who is set to slay the competition and captivate the NXT Universe like never before.

From the moment Elliott stepped foot in NXT on the one-year anniversary of NXT 2.0, it was clear that a star had arrived. With an undeniable style and swagger, Elliott ignited a firestorm of excitement, leaving the NXT Universe in awe of their talent. In a dazzling display of skill and determination, Elliott secured a resounding victory over Sean Gallagher, making an unforgettable first impression.

But that was just the beginning of Elliott’s sensational rise in NXT. With each passing week, the SuperDiva continued to dazzle and dominate, proving their worth in the ring. A monumental victory over Xyon Quinn on the October 18 episode of NXT further solidified Elliott’s status as a rising sensation. As a result, they earned the esteemed co-host spot alongside Shotzi for NXT Halloween Havoc 2022, a testament to their undeniable charisma and magnetic presence.

With a vivacious personality and a sassy demeanor that commands attention, Elliott is poised to quench the thirst of the NXT Universe like no other. Prepare to be entertained, enthralled, and utterly captivated by the larger-than-life persona and unparalleled talent of the one and only “SuperDiva.”

There’s no denying that Elliott is set to make an indelible mark in NXT, leaving a trail of charisma and fabulousness in their wake. Get ready, NXT Universe, because the era of the SuperDiva has officially arrived, and there’s no turning back.