Paul Bearer

Paul Bearer
Paul Bearer
United States
5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
350 lb (160 kg)
June 1974
Date of Birth
April 10, 1954


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Born William Alvin “Bill” Moody on April 10, 1954, Paul Bearer is a legendary wrestling manager best known for his time in the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). His eerie character and memorable feuds have cemented him as one of the greatest managers in wrestling history.

Career History and Evolution

Before adopting the Paul Bearer character, Moody was known as Percival ‘Percy’ Pringle III in various regional promotions in the southern United States. His career took a dramatic turn when he joined the WWF in 1990, taking on the role of Paul Bearer, a ghostly, high-pitched funeral director character. As Paul Bearer, he managed some of the biggest names in wrestling, most notably The Undertaker and Kane.

Wrestlers Managed and Biggest Rivalries

Paul Bearer’s management and storyline history are intertwined with the careers of The Undertaker and Kane, two of wrestling’s most enduring characters. Bearer was involved in many of their biggest rivalries and matches, serving as an essential part of the storytelling.
The Undertaker’s rivalry with Mankind, managed by Bearer, was one of the biggest of the 90s. Later, Bearer’s realignment with The Undertaker’s storyline brother, Kane, led to one of the most memorable feuds in wrestling history.

Family Life

Paul Bearer was married to Dianna Lynn Godsey, and they had two sons together, Michael and Daniel. Both of his sons have had some involvement in the wrestling industry.

Entrance Music

As a manager, Paul Bearer didn’t have his own specific entrance music but would often accompany The Undertaker to the ring to the tune of The Undertaker’s iconic “Funeral March” theme. His appearance often heightened the ominous atmosphere this music created.


Paul Bearer was known for his distinctive look, complete with pasty white makeup and slicked-back jet black hair. His attire usually consisted of a black suit and tie, fit for his role as a funeral director, along with the all-important urn, which was said to be the source of The Undertaker’s power.
As a manager, Paul Bearer didn’t have a finishing move in the conventional wrestling sense. However, his control over The Undertaker via the urn could be considered his ultimate ‘move’, using it to direct The Undertaker’s actions and change the tide of many matches.
Paul Bearer’s legacy extends beyond his own character. He played a vital role in the careers of some of wrestling’s most influential figures, adding depth and a unique flavor to the storylines he was part of. Despite his passing in 2013, his character lives on in wrestling history as one of the most unique and influential figures in the sport.