Mark Briscoe

Mark Briscoe
Mark Briscoe
United States
6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
229 lbs (104 kg)
May 20, 2000
Date of Birth
January 18, 1985



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Mark Briscoe is an American professional wrestler who has gained recognition for his contributions to the world of wrestling. Hailing from Sandy Fork, Delaware, he has built a successful career alongside his brother Jay Briscoe as part of the tag team known as The Briscoe Brothers.

Born on January 18, 1985, Mark Briscoe developed a passion for wrestling at a young age. He began his training under the guidance of his father and made his debut in the ring in 2000. Mark’s early years in wrestling were marked by his partnership with his brother Jay, and together they quickly made a name for themselves in the independent circuit.

The Briscoe Brothers’ unique blend of technical skill, high-flying maneuvers, and hard-hitting style brought them considerable success. They competed in various promotions such as Ring of Honor (ROH), Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), and Pro Wrestling Noah in Japan. Their matches often garnered critical acclaim and solidified their reputation as one of the most talented tag teams in the industry.

Mark Briscoe’s individual accomplishments in singles competition also deserve recognition. He has held championships in multiple organizations, including the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship, the CZW World Tag Team Championship, and the IWGP Tag Team Championship. His versatility as a wrestler is evident in his ability to excel in both tag team and singles matches.

Known for his distinct appearance, Mark Briscoe sports a unique blend of dreadlocks and a wild, unpredictable ring style that reflects his personality. His intense demeanor and fearless attitude have made him a fan favorite, and he has a dedicated following within the wrestling community.

Throughout his career, Mark Briscoe has faced numerous challenges and setbacks but has consistently demonstrated resilience and determination. He has overcome injuries and adversity, always returning to the ring with an unwavering passion for the sport he loves.

Outside of wrestling, Mark Briscoe is a family man, balancing his professional commitments with his personal life. He remains committed to his wife and children and strives to be a positive role model for his family and fans alike.

Mark Briscoe’s contributions to professional wrestling have left an indelible mark on the industry. His skill, passion, and dedication continue to inspire aspiring wrestlers and entertain fans around the world. Whether as part of The Briscoe Brothers or in solo competition, Mark’s legacy as a talented wrestler and entertainer is one that will be remembered for years to come.