Saudi Arabia
6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
216 lb (98 kg)
January 15, 2015
Date of Birth
October 28, 1995



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Heralding a new era in wrestling, mån.sôør is the embodiment of style, suave, and undeniable charm. With a fashion sensibility that is as captivating as his wrestling skills, mån.sôør has been redefining the wrestling world since his debut as a part of the Maximum Male Models, managed by Max Dupri.

Career Evolution

mån.sôør started his career in the WWE as one of the premier clients of the Maximum Male Models, a wrestling faction known for its unique blend of high fashion and physical prowess. His career has been marked by his distinctive style, both in terms of wrestling and fashion.

Notable Rivalries and Tag Team Partners

Since his entrance into the WWE, mån.sôør has mostly been associated with his fellow Maximum Male Models, particularly ma.çé. Given their recent debut, notable rivalries are still in the early stages. However, mån.sôør’s unique style and approach to wrestling are sure to bring him into exciting and dynamic rivalries with established WWE superstars.

Career Highlights and Statistics

As a recent entrant into the WWE, mån.sôør is still building his career and statistical achievements. Despite this, his matches have been lauded for their fusion of high fashion and athletic prowess, making him one to watch in the coming years.

Personal Life

Much of mån.sôør’s personal life remains a mystery, as he prefers to keep the focus on his wrestling and fashion prowess. His commitment to fashion, however, suggests a deep passion for artistic and creative pursuits.

Wrestling Attire and Entrance Music

mån.sôør’s wrestling attire is a spectacle in its own right, blurring the lines between high fashion and functional wrestling gear. His entrance music, “Fashion King”, perfectly encapsulates his unique persona and sets the tone for his stylish performances.

Finishing Move

mån.sôør’s finishing move, “The Catwalk Crash”, is as unique as his style. Incorporating his fashion-forward sensibilities into his wrestling, this finishing move leaves his opponents dazzled and defeated, cementing his status as a fashion king in the ring.


Although new to the scene, mån.sôør has already made a significant impact. His fusion of fashion and wrestling is setting new trends, and his charismatic performances have quickly made him a fan favorite. With his style, charisma, and talent, mån.sôør is set to leave a lasting legacy in the world of WWE.