United States
6 ft 8 in (2.07 m)
266lb (130 kg)
February 1, 2016
Date of Birth
February 5, 1991



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Breaking into the WWE scene as the inaugural clients of Max Dupri’s Maximum Male Models, ma.çé debuted on the July 1 episode of SmackDown. With an unmistakable sense of style, undeniable charisma, and a flair for the dramatic, ma.çé quickly set the standard for fashion-forward wrestling.

Career Evolution

Despite being relatively new to the wrestling world, ma.çé has already left a lasting impression. Their unique blend of wrestling and fashion has caught the attention of both the WWE Universe and fellow superstars, bringing a unique twist to the typically physical-focused

wrestling scene.

Notable Rivalries and Tag Team PartnersBeing newcomers to the scene, ma.çé’s biggest rivalries and tag team partnerships are still in the making. Their debut, though, set a clear tone for the kind of innovative and stylish approach they’ll bring to every match, making them potential disruptors in the WWE scene.

Career Highlights and Statistics

It’s early days in ma.çé’s wrestling career, and as such, the duo is yet to claim major victories or titles. However, their unique approach to wrestling—mixing fashion with physical prowess—has already made them a fan favorite.

Personal Life

Little is known about ma.çé’s personal life outside the ring. They keep a low profile, preferring to let their in-ring performances and unique sense of style speak for themselves.

Wrestling Attire and Entrance Music

Always at the forefront of fashion, ma.çé’s wrestling attire is a spectacle in itself. Their outfits are a mix of high-fashion meets wrestling gear, always surprising fans with their daring choices. Their entrance music, “Runway Riot”, is an up-tempo track that perfectly encapsulates their energy and style.

Finishing Move

Ma.çé’s finishing move, named “Fashion Statement”, is as unique as they are. This move combines the technicalities of wrestling with their flair for dramatics, often leaving opponents dazed and the audience in awe.


While they’re still new to the WWE scene, ma.çé has already made a big impression. They’ve shown that they’re not afraid to bring their unique spin to wrestling, introducing an element of fashion that’s rarely seen in the sport. Their performances are captivating, and their commitment to their craft is unmistakable. Only time will tell what impact they’ll have on the WWE, but early signs indicate that it’s going to be a memorable one.