Kayla Braxton

Kayla Braxton
Kayla Braxton
United States
4 ft 11 in (1.25 m)
December 21, 2016
Date of Birth
June 7, 1991



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Kayla Braxton, born as Kayla Becker on 7 June 1992, is a critical force behind the scenes in WWE’s broadcasting team. A native of Wadley, Alabama, Braxton’s journey to the world of sports-entertainment has been marked by her impressive versatility and inherent knack for journalism.

Career History and Evolution

Braxton’s career began in the realm of television news, where she excelled as a host on WESH 2 News in Orlando, Florida, and presented her own entertainment segment. However, her tryst with public speaking started much earlier. At the young age of 17, Braxton showcased her eloquence and charisma when she delivered a speech at the White House before President George W. Bush.
In 2016, Braxton stepped into the world of sports-entertainment when she joined the WWE. Over the years, she has made a significant impact, transitioning between roles seamlessly – from conducting backstage interviews to managing locker-room confrontations with ease. In addition to her duties on SmackDown, she’s a host on WWE’s The Bump, where she employs her journalistic skills to provide in-depth analysis and interviews.

Key Interactions and Partners

Throughout her time in WWE, Braxton has interacted with a plethora of superstars, moderating intense debates and bringing out the best (and sometimes worst) in the personalities she interviews. Her engaging style has made her a regular feature on programming involving superstars like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, and more.

Family Life

Braxton keeps her personal life away from the spotlight, focusing on her career and her duties as a WWE broadcaster. However, she’s an advocate for social issues, notably as a board member for a non-profit organization that aims to support youth who have aged out of the foster care system.

Appearance and Style

Known for her professional and sleek attire, Braxton always presents herself immaculately, matching her sharp interviewing style. Her dynamic and composed demeanor, coupled with her ability to stay unfazed in high-tension situations, only adds to her charm and persona.


With her extensive background in journalism and her natural affinity for connecting with both superstars and fans, Kayla Braxton is a vital part of the WWE Universe. Her ability to extract information, keep cool in heated situations, and pose challenging questions makes her an integral part of WWE’s broadcasting team. As she continues to excel in her role, Braxton proves time and again that she’s a rising star in the world of sports-entertainment journalism.