Joaquin Wilde

Joaquin Wilde
Joaquin Wilde
United States
5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
175 lbs (77 kg)
Date of Birth
October 5, 1986



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Joaquin Wilde is a captivating figure in the world of professional wrestling. His journey, while marred by formidable challenges, showcases his resilience and determination. From a bright and electrifying debut to a drastic transformation and subsequent affiliation with Legado del Fantasma, Wilde’s career trajectory is a rollercoaster of adversity, resilience, and triumph.

Career Evolution

Wilde’s entrance into NXT was not without hurdles. His career was seriously threatened in 2017 during a match in Mexico when he suffered a ruptured colon and internal bleeding, jeopardizing not only his career but his life. Displaying extraordinary tenacity, Wilde made a miraculous recovery, coming back stronger and more determined.
After initial struggles in NXT, a dramatic twist of fate led him to be kidnapped and subsequently aligned himself with Santos Escobar, leading to the formation of Legado del Fantasma with Raul Mendoza. Under Escobar’s mentorship, Wilde’s career took a transformative turn, allowing him to make significant strides in NXT.

Alliances and Rivalries

Wilde emerged stronger with the formation of Legado del Fantasma, featuring prominently on the season premiere of SmackDown. Joined by Zelina Vega, the group made a strong statement by attacking Hit Row, establishing their dominance on the blue brand. This rivalry with Hit Row is one of the major feuds that Wilde has been a part of, displaying his newfound ferocity and unique in-ring style.

Family Life and Personal Information

Wilde was raised by a single mother who immigrated from the Philippines, providing him with first-hand exposure to the challenges and sacrifices of life.

Signature Moves, Appearance, and Entrance Music

While specific details about Wilde’s finishing move, clothing, and entrance music are not available, his in-ring style can be described as aggressive and distinct. Known for his resilience, his persona is complemented by an electrifying presence that’s uniquely his own.


Joaquin Wilde’s journey in professional wrestling is marked by incredible resilience and determination. Overcoming personal and professional hurdles, he has demonstrated his ability to adapt and evolve. As Wilde continues his career in the ring, it’s clear that his potential is immense, making him a captivating figure to follow in the world of professional wrestling.