JD McDonagh

JD McDonagh
JD McDonagh
5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
194 lb (88 kg)
Date of Birth
March 15, 1990



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Hailing from the rugged lands of Ireland, JD McDonagh is a formidable competitor whose journey in professional wrestling began under the mentorship of Paul Tracey and WWE’s first Universal Champion, Finn Bálor. Initially setting sights on amateur wrestling, McDonagh experienced a transformative shift when he encountered the charismatic world of professional wrestling.

Other Wrestlers and Trainers

JD McDonagh draws immense inspiration from Finn Bálor, who has been instrumental in shaping his career. Having spent significant time training in a Japanese dojo, McDonagh’s hard-hitting wrestling style exhibits distinct eastern influences.

Career Evolution and Titles Won

McDonagh’s ascent in the wrestling industry has been marked by significant milestones. His crowning glory arrived when he seized the NXT Cruiserweight Championship at WWE Worlds Collide, asserting his prowess as a competitor to be reckoned with. Following a triumphant spell in NXT UK, McDonagh introduced his fierce fighting style to NXT, declaring himself the “necessary evil” of Tuesday nights. His career took another promising turn with his drafting to Monday Night Raw during the 2023 WWE Draft.

Biggest Matches and Rivalries

While specific match details are unavailable, it’s safe to infer from McDonagh’s championship win at WWE Worlds Collide that his career has seen him participate in high-stakes matches. As McDonagh’s career evolves, we can expect significant rivalries to develop on Monday Night Raw.

Finishing Moves and Appearance

McDonagh is known for his hard-hitting offense, a testament to his training in a Japanese dojo. His look typically complements his intense, no-nonsense approach to competition, exhibiting an athletic, battle-ready appearance.

Entrance Music

While specific details about his entrance music are unavailable as of September 2021, it likely mirrors McDonagh’s aggressive and fiery personality, setting the stage for his formidable presence in the ring.


In conclusion, JD McDonagh represents the tenacity, fire, and rugged spirit often associated with Irish competitors. With each new match, he continues to demonstrate his relentless determination and ambition to excel, guaranteeing a wild ride for the WWE Universe as they witness his journey on Monday Night Raw.