Isla Dawn

Isla Dawn
Isla Dawn
5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
150 lbs (68 kg)
December 21, 2013
Date of Birth
February 2, 1994



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Isla Dawn, whose real name is Stacy Coates, was born on 26th March 1993 in Glasgow, Scotland. She is a professional wrestler who is currently performing in WWE’s NXT UK brand.

Career History & Evolution:

Isla Dawn started her professional wrestling journey in the independent wrestling circuit in 2013. She initially performed in multiple promotions across Europe, where she honed her in-ring skills and developed her unique character. She was then signed by WWE in 2018 to perform in their NXT UK brand.
Since her arrival in NXT UK, Isla Dawn has become a prominent figure in the brand’s women’s division. Known for her gothic witchcraft-themed persona, she is recognized for her striking and submission-based style, which has been influenced by her training in various martial arts.

Titles and Accomplishments:

As of July 2023, Isla Dawn has not yet won any championships in WWE. However, she has been involved in multiple title matches and has shown impressive performances, hinting that a title reign could be on the horizon.

Biggest Matches & Rivalries:

Isla Dawn has been involved in multiple notable feuds in NXT UK. Some of her prominent rivalries include those with Kay Lee Ray and Rhea Ripley. These feuds have led to some of the biggest matches in her career, showcasing her ability to perform at a high level.

Tag Team Partners:

Although primarily known for her singles competition, Isla Dawn has occasionally teamed up with other wrestlers in tag team matches. However, she is yet to have a long-standing tag team partner in WWE.

Finishing Move:

Isla Dawn’s finishing move is ‘The Call of the Quarters’, which is a snapmare driver showcasing her agility and strength.

Clothing and Entrance Music:

Reflecting her character, Isla Dawn’s ring attire typically involves dark, gothic-inspired clothing. Her entrance theme in WWE is a haunting track called “Hex” that complements her witchcraft persona perfectly.

Family Life:

Isla Dawn tends to keep her personal life private. It’s known that she was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, but further details about her family life remain confidential.