Griff Garrison

Griff Garison
Griff Garrison
United States
6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
202 lbs (92 kg)
October 30, 2016
Date of Birth
January 7, 1998



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Griff Garrison, born on April 16, 1996, is an emerging professional wrestler who is making waves in the wrestling industry. With a promising career ahead of him, Garrison has garnered attention for his athletic abilities, charisma, and exciting performances.

Garrison’s wrestling journey began in the mid-2010s when he started competing in various independent promotions. He quickly caught the eye of fans and industry insiders with his impressive physique, high-flying maneuvers, and natural talent in the ring. Garrison’s dedication to his craft and commitment to delivering thrilling matches have earned him a growing fanbase.

Throughout his career, Griff Garrison has had opportunities to showcase his skills in promotions such as All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and other independent circuits. He has faced off against formidable opponents, demonstrating his versatility as both a singles competitor and a tag team wrestler. Garrison’s ability to engage with the audience, display his athleticism, and execute a wide range of exciting moves has solidified his position as a promising talent in the wrestling world.

Known for his agility, speed, and explosive offense, Griff Garrison brings an energetic presence to his matches. He combines high-impact strikes, dynamic aerial maneuvers, and a natural stage presence that captivates audiences.

Garrison’s ability to connect with fans and create memorable moments adds depth and excitement to his performances.
Off-screen, Griff Garrison is dedicated to his development as a wrestler, continually honing his skills and seeking opportunities for growth. He understands the importance of hard work and strives to improve both in and out of the ring. Garrison’s passion for wrestling and his ability to entertain make him a promising talent to watch.

As Griff Garrison’s career continues to evolve, he remains a respected and rising star in the wrestling community. His talent, charisma, and ability to connect with fans make him a valuable asset to the industry. Wrestling enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Garrison’s future endeavors and the thrilling moments he will undoubtedly bring to the squared circle.