Giovanni Vinci

Giovanni Vinci
Giovanni Vinci
6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
220 lb (100 kg)
December 12, 2011
Date of Birth
July 2, 1990



Fabian Aichner (Giovanni Vinci), born 21 July 1990, is an Italian professional wrestler signed with WWE and performs on the NXT brand. Before joining WWE, Aichner had an impressive career in Europe. Aichner is originally from South Tyrol, Italy, and started his wrestling career in the European scene, where he quickly gained attention with his power-based, yet high-flying wrestling style.

Career History & Evolution:

Fabian Aichner started his professional wrestling career in 2011, wrestling for various independent promotions across Europe, mainly in Italy and Germany. He got his big break in 2016 when he was chosen as one of the participants for the WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Despite an impressive showing, he didn’t win the tournament but left enough of an impression to earn a contract with WWE.
He spent some time in WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, before forming a tag team with Marcel Barthel. They became part of the faction “Imperium,” led by Walter. With this group, Aichner has been a part of some significant feuds and matches, particularly against factions like Undisputed Era.

Titles and Accomplishments:

Fabian Aichner has had a successful career in WWE, especially in the NXT brand. His most significant accomplishment has been winning the NXT Tag Team Championship with his Imperium teammate, Marcel Barthel.

Biggest Matches & Rivalries:

Aichner’s most notable matches have been in NXT, particularly in the tag team division with Imperium. One of the biggest rivalries of his career has been against the Undisputed Era, which resulted in a series of memorable matches. Another notable feud was with British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, and Trent Seven) during the NXT UK era.

Tag Team Partners:

Aichner is best known for his work in the tag team division, where he teamed with Marcel Barthel. Together, as part of Imperium, they have become one of the dominant forces in WWE’s tag team division.

Finishing Move:

Fabian Aichner’s finishing move is a spinning sit-out powerbomb, which showcases his blend of power and agility.

Clothing and Entrance Music:

Fabian Aichner typically wears traditional wrestling trunks and boots, often in black and white to match his Imperium cohorts. His entrance theme as of my knowledge cut-off in September 2021 is a dramatic, orchestral piece titled “Imperium,” reflecting the group’s dominating and imperialistic character.


As a WWE wrestler, Aichner would be subject to the company’s exclusive sponsorship agreements. These could include partnerships with companies such as Snickers, Mattel, and Tapout, although individual wrestler sponsorships in WWE are not typically the norm, as WWE sells its sponsorship and advertising as a whole for the brand.