Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak
Drew Gulak
United States
6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
202 lbs (92 kg)
April 16, 2005
Date of Birth
April 28, 1987



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Prepare to witness the embodiment of Philadelphia grit and determination in the form of Drew Gulak. This hard-nosed competitor brings a minimalist approach to the ring, shedding unnecessary frills like kneepads and elbow pads in favor of a relentless focus on his craft.

Gulak’s arsenal is that of a true completist, mastering a wide range of submission holds and suplexes that leave his opponents reeling. The intensity of his lariat is enough to send shockwaves through the ring, as witnessed by his rivals during the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Classic.

Growing up in the vibrant wrestling scene of Philadelphia, Gulak absorbed the rich history and tradition of the sport at a young age. He emerged as a true student of the game, dedicating himself to honing his skills and becoming a master of his craft. With a career spanning 17 years, Gulak has established himself as a seasoned veteran, embodying the values of old-school wrestling in a modern era.

Gulak’s tenure in WWE has been marked by impressive achievements. He has captured the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, showcasing his mastery of the division. Additionally, he has held the 24/7 Championship on multiple occasions, proving his versatility and adaptability in various settings. With a repertoire of holds that rivals a call center’s database, Gulak has become a true force to be reckoned with in the ring.

In a bold move, Gulak has recently aligned himself with NXT newcomer Charlie Dempsey, forming a formidable alliance. This union promises to bring forth a new era of no-nonsense punishment in NXT. With their shared dedication to their craft, Gulak and Dempsey have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the NXT landscape.

As Drew Gulak continues to assert his dominance in the ring, the WWE Universe can expect nothing less than a display of unwavering determination and technical prowess. His unrelenting pursuit of perfection and his commitment to his craft make him a formidable competitor. Brace yourselves for the masterful execution of Drew Gulak’s no-nonsense style as he continues to leave a lasting impression on the world of professional wrestling.