Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander
Cedric Alexander
United States
5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
205 lb (95 kg)
July 17, 2009
Date of Birth
August 16, 1989



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Born Cederick Johnson on August 16, 1989, Cedric Alexander is a professional wrestler who has made a name for himself within the wrestling world, particularly in WWE.

Career History

Cedric Alexander started his wrestling career in Ring of Honor (ROH), where he was part of the tag team C&C Wrestle Factory with Caprice Coleman. He would later compete as a singles competitor, most notably in a storyline feud against Moose.
In 2016, Alexander took part in WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic tournament, where his performances were so impressive that even though he did not win, WWE fans began a #PleaseSignCedric movement, prompting WWE to sign him to a contract. He was then a staple of the cruiserweight division on “205 Live” before being moved to the main roster.

Career Evolution and Biggest Matches

After joining WWE, Alexander had a successful run in the cruiserweight division, ultimately capturing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania 34, one of his biggest matches. He held the title for almost six months before dropping it to Buddy Murphy at Super Show-Down.
In 2019, Alexander was moved to WWE’s main roster, where he had significant matches against stars like AJ Styles and Roman Reigns. He would eventually join The Hurt Business, a faction led by MVP alongside Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin. As part of The Hurt Business, Alexander won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship alongside Shelton Benjamin.

Biggest Rivalries

Throughout his career, Alexander has had notable rivalries with the likes of Mustafa Ali, Buddy Murphy, and even his Hurt Business stablemates following their disbandment.

Tag Team Partners

Cedric Alexander’s tag team partners have included Caprice Coleman in ROH and Shelton Benjamin in WWE.

Titles Won

Throughout his career, Alexander has won several titles. His most notable championships include the WWE Cruiserweight Championship and the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

Family Life

Cedric Alexander is married to fellow professional wrestler Aerial Monroe, also known as Big Swole. The couple has a daughter together.

Finishing Move

Alexander’s finishing move is the Lumbar Check, a back suplex side slam which he has used to finish many matches.

Clothing and Entrance Music

Cedric Alexander is often seen in athletic wrestling gear that usually incorporates black and gold. His entrance theme in WWE is “Won’t Let Go” by CFO$.


While there isn’t any publicly available information on Alexander’s personal sponsorships, he likely benefits indirectly from WWE’s wide range of corporate partnerships.


Cedric Alexander is a passionate and high-flying performer whose contributions to professional wrestling, especially in WWE, have been widely recognized. His journey from the Cruiserweight Classic to the main roster, and his success in both the singles and tag team divisions, testify to his versatility and talent in the ring.